Kernel by kernel, America’s hearts have been loyal to popcorn since its inception more than 9,000 years ago. One of the oldest forms of corn, popcorn’s traditions lie with oil, butter and salt. However, traditions mixed with new variations largely are attributed to the puffy kernel’s staying power.

According to, new flavors of popcorn are key in helping the industry thrive. Ready-to-eat popcorn and caramel corn sales at the end of the summer totaled more than $704 million a 27% increase over the previous year, according to market research firm IRI.

All-natural ingredients, great taste and a more nutritious take on the puffy snack also are contributors to popcorn’s rising popularity, and honey factors highly into all three of those categories.

In fact, Smartfood, the leading ready-to-eat popcorn brand in the United States, offers a honey variety. Smartfood sold $109 million worth of popcorn in 2014, according to Statista. Smartfood’s Honey Cinnamon Pecan Granola Coated Popcorn is a crunchy, all-natural snack made with honey, cinnamon and brown sugar. The popcorn is coated with rolled oats and roasted pecans.

Ready-to-eat private label brands also made a splash in 2014, with $37 million in sales. Lakota Honey Popcorn is a combination of sweet honey and traditional salt. The light and airy snack comes from a line of the first and only Native American owned and operated organization producing, processing, packaging and marketing popcorn celebrating its Native American heritage.


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Some snacks have passed the test of time, and the cheese and cracker combo is one of those tasty treats that have been loved throughout the ages.

And, as the holidays approach, what better time to celebrate this wonderful snack then by highlighting some Made With Honey options to provide a sweet flavor perfect to spread on any chosen cracker.

Trader Joe’s Honey Walnut Fig Cream Cheese is a unique blend of whipped cream cheese and honey. Chopped walnuts and figs are added for a bit of crunch.

Beehive Cheese Co. hit the market with SeaHive, a cheese hand-rubbed with local wildflower honey and Redmond RealSalt. The cheese comes straight from the milk of Jersey cows in Northern Utah.

Hand-crafted from fresh, high-quality goat milk, Publix’s mild, tangy Honey Goat Cheese is the perfect cheese to spread on cracker. This cheese is proof that endless varieties of cheese, honey and crackers provide consumers with a snack that will live on for centuries to come.

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GimmeSeaweed 218x300 GimMe Roasted Seaweed Crumbles—Honey Dijon

GimMe Crispy Roasted Seaweed Snacks start with tiny clusters of roasted seaweed seasoned with honey powder.

Gluten-free Honey Dijon Crumbles are a mash-up of savory zing and sweet deliciousness rolled into one package. These snacks taste great sprinkled over your favorite dishes or eaten straight out of the pouch.]

GimMe Health Foods is owned and operated by Annie Chun and her husband Steve Broad, both food lovers, parents, entrepreneurs and roasted seaweed fanatics. Chun was born and raised in Korea, home to the best seaweed on the planet. Broad grew up in Northern California, where he learned early how much better food tastes when it’s all natural and grown fresh. Gim means seaweed in Korean, spawning the name of the company.

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